The Fantastic Revolution

It’s a tough time for business.

People are fighting not to just make a profit but to simply stay in business at all. It means that every organisation’s secret weapon – their staff – have to be superheroes every hour of every day.

Well, that’s where we come in.

Our completely tailored-to-you learning programmes can help your employees’ skills blossom – and achieve more customer loyalty. Boost sales figures. And make your clients talk about you. In a really, really good way.

Have a wander through our website – and find out how Fantastic can fuel your firm.


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Fantastic In A Box

Welcome to Fantastic In A Box

A complete resource pack to help your team become Fantastic performers – when good is no longer enough.  The pack provides all the materials to run 10 x 1 hour workshops aimed at transforming your team into an engaged, motivated and inspired workforce.  Based on the Fantastic principles of leading business guru, Alan Austin-Smith, the Fantastic development programme is taking the business world by storm.

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Fantastic – When Being Good Is Not Enough

A down-to-earth, insightful and fun guide for anyone who wants to be better than good at whatever they do.

“The Messages Are Clear and Useful and in Hard Practice, Transformative” – Tom Peters, co-author of In Search of Excellence and Author of Little Big Things

Cultural Change

Good organisational performance relies on three factors: plans, assets and culture. But often an organisation won’t work together, moving in one direction towards the same goal.

Customer Service

Customer Service

In today’s competitive markets, customer service determines the winners and losers. You may not think you have anything to do with customers, but everybody does…

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Your company has ambitious strategy, a sound business model, an effective organisational structure. Great – so do your competitors. The name of the game is to stand out from the masses.



Employees motivated to do exceptional work tend to be driven by two things: respect or admiration for a mentor or other team members; and self-motivation.



Imagine a company where every single person is excited to walk through the door in the morning… without the use of prescription drugs.

Yes, we want to work there too. But instead, we set up the Fantastic movement.

Basically, we realise that anybody can be good at what they do – and most people are. But in business, it’s not enough to be just good: you have to be hot, happening, buzzing…. really sizzling!

And we know that most of it has nothing to do with the work they do or a long string of letters after their name… but how they operate. Being magic in meetings and charismatic in front of clients. Really high on work.

It’s the stuff that creates a buzz around people – that they pass that on to clients. And that makes the tills ring more.

That’s what we can do for your company. And as we like to say, good is just not good enough: the future is Fantastic!


It’s question time! Take the Fantastic test

Think your business needs Fantastifying?
Take our simple – yet revealling – mini test.

  • Are your employees unswervingly passionate about what they want to achieve and why they want to achieve it?
  • Are they incredibly creative in how they are going to do it?
  • Do they constantly delight your customers?
  • Do they have the always have confidence to perform and take action?
  • Are they alive inside? Do they have the self-motivation to keep taking action?
  • Are they always learning and engaged in your business and industry?
  • Most importantly, are they enjoying what they do and having fun?

If you answered ‘no’ to a number of these questions, then Fantastic could be the solution!

"Fantastic" is a thoroughly enjoyable read; really fun and energizing. It creatively captures that difficult-to-define sparkle that takes a person from good to great and then some!Michelle Kehily, Anesthesia Business Unit Director, Europe / Canada, Merck

The experience of the past week will be a memory I’ll remember for years - the time I became the BEST.Participants of our Fantastic training programme

It was a great experience; I don’t think every employee has the opportunity to gain this type of training. So thanks a lot REH training team!Participants of our Fantastic training programme

It inspired me and I feel I have learned a lot and become a better person. Thank you.Participants of our Fantastic training programme

Had a really enjoyable week, amazed at all the fun tasks and ideas I have been introduced to this week.Participants of our Fantastic training programme