Who we are

The birth of Fantastic

For more than 15 years, our clever leader Dominic Sharpe – who is part cheer commando, part cheerleader – has been leading workshops and developing wagon-loads of managers, salespeople and CEOs for some of the world’s biggest brands.

One dewy morning in 2011, he noticed a book called The Fantastic Hairdresser staring out from a local shop window; by coincidence, a blog by business guru Tom Peters mentioned the same book on the same day. He leapt up there and then, sprinted to the shop and snapped up a copy.

The author was Alan Austin-Smith, a former hairdresser and an unstoppable bundle of energy, who spoke at seminars for people who wanted to do better. When Dominic turned the last page, he grabbed the phone and booked a meeting with Alan and business partner Carolyn Field. The atmosphere was electric: the three of them were wired by the idea of taking Fantastic into other industries, and began crafting a transformational programme.

The Deliverers Group and Alan created a bespoke training programme that can take his philosophy into any business. Truly… you guessed it… fantastic.

The Fantastic Philosophy

The Deliverers Group concocts creative learning and development programmes to support transformational change in business.

Or, as we like to say, we coach employees to be smarter, faster, say it better, be more memorable, more enthused, more inspirational… the kind of people who make business fun, easy and memorable.

Our ridiculously fun and dynamic learning programmes build in the needs of each business and their employees’ capacity to learn, and we can deliver them in any (or every) language you use. Natürlich, mon petit chou.

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