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Are you checking your FLOW?

In our previous post, we talked about why delighting people and being likable is a great way to not only delight others but to also further your career. We also promised to tell you about FLOW, a great personal checklist to make sure YOU are always delighting people.

So…FLOW. What does it mean? Let’s start from the top.

F stands for First impressions.
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Can you afford to only delight a customer on a Tuesday?

I was at a bonfire and fireworks night at the weekend and one of the things that really struck me was how happy people looked! I mean, everybody was, even the dogs! The only thing I can compare it too is seeing your football team win a major competition.

It got me thinking…why are these people so happy? Then the first firework went off and then it hit me. The anticipation of fireworks going off and all the colours ...

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Smiling – The Facts


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Do you feel Fantastic when you wake up in the morning?

Are you excited to face the challenges that the day could bring or do you wish you could just stay in bed and let the day drift past?

Hello and welcome to Fantastic. A place that not only provides you with the means to banish these negative thoughts but a place that will also teach you essential skills that will ensure you wake up feeling Fantastic every morning.

My name is Matt Collins and I will be regularly posting about all things ...

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