We are seeking to partner with some of the best people in the industry to take Fantastic to market. As a Fantastic partner, you will join the fully supported Fantastic Partnership Network which we hope will include some of the top learning and development organisations in the country.

Deliverers Group strives to be an outstanding company with a name that is synonymous with quality learning products. We are committed to building a lasting partnership with each distributor to meet their needs and expectations.

We consider a Fantastic distributor to be our partner, customer and colleague, and therefore, we will listen carefully to your needs and expectations. As a business, we place great value on our relationship with all our associates; it is the one of the foundations of our achievements.

We will work hard to provide you with information and materials to help you meet your objectives, and we will do everything we can to serve your needs by ensuring that communication channels are smooth, and that you are provided with the necessary Fantastic resources to conduct your business efficiently.

Together we will build world-class learning and development programmes that will develop organisations skills and capabilities to achieve the business vision and goal.