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Alan Austin Smith


Alan is the reason that Fantastic exists – his story is our story. As a 16 year old, he found himself in the exciting world of hairdressing at Vidal Sassoon on London’s Bond Street, attracted by “beautiful women, famous faces and wild parties” – and who wouldn’t be? He grew to love the creativity of the business, and later joined cosmetics giant L’Oréal, where he took on the job of improving the business and management skills in individual salons.

He realised he had fallen into a niche market, and quickly set up the Fantastic Hairdresser Company to teach salon owners how to turn creativity into a booming business; he spent years studying the truly successful in all walks of life, and distilled his findings into his first book, ‘The Fantastic Hairdresser’, which sold over 100,000 copies. People outside hairdressing began to pick it up. As the messages were transferable to anyone in any industry, he wrote ‘The Fantastic Boss’, voted ‘a must-read’ by British Airways ‘High Life’ magazine and used by companies around the world as an essential leadership guide. His latest book, ‘Fantastic – When Being Good Is Not Enough’, brings his insights into motivation and self-determination to everyone.  This book is perfectly complemented with the training programme ‘Fantastic in a Box”(both available to buy on this website).

Alan’s guiding passion is channeling his inner Fantastic-ness, and his inspiring words are guaranteed to bring out the passion in anyone who listens.

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